Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Connecting to other blogs.

Now that I'm gainfully unemployed, I have the time to dedicate back to my blog. I would like to start keeping a tally of other useful food blogs out there. Here are a few: This is the food blog hosted by Michael Ruhlman, author of a very influential book simply called Charcuterie. The book is amazing, though a bit involved. These are not "dinner in 20 minutes" recipes. Rather, how to make sausages, terrines, prosciutto, etc.  An indispensable collection of local DC restaurants and assorted food geeks. A must-have on the bookmark bar for anyone interested in food in DC. 

Anyone out there have any other suggestions? Not just for DC, either. I would be interested to explore other cities food blog scene to see what's out there. 

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