Monday, December 6, 2010

Hot Chilies!

So this comes by way of my father, my agent in the field scouring the earth for the hottest chilies available. 

Here's something for your food blog. Some guy in the UK has developed a new Naga chili variety called the "Viper". It is 33% hotter than the regular Naga coming in 1,350,000 scoville heat units. That's 270x hotter than a jalapeno. The guy says it makes a disgustingly hot curry. It's alternative use is as an ingredient in an "tear gas" grenade for the military. They say that you can barely breathe for 30 minutes. Oh! and the guy makes you sign liability waiver before sampling.

The Naga, or Jolokia pepper, was considered the hottest chili in the world. That is, until this gentleman in England created the pepper my dad pointed out. I've cooked with both dried and fresh versions of the original Naga, and they are indeed pretty damn hot. The flavor, however, is incredible. It's earthy and smokey, and fantastic for curries. Just one chili in a six-quart pot makes your soup pleasantly piquant. They also make a bitching hot sauce, stewed with carrots, garlic, onions, and tomatoes and pureed. I bought mine dried online, and an Indian customer at our restaurant brought me some fresh ones. Either way, if you like spicy, they're a must-have.

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