Monday, November 29, 2010

Anthony Bourdain

So, I'm watching Bourdain in the midwest tonight, and I'm seriously into it. He speaks of "brave" chefs, doing food that no one asked for and being successful.  In my sentimentality, its making me a bit misty. (I know; I'm a douche.) The tone of the show addresses the midwest's unfair negative reputation for food.  To dispel the myth, he speaks to Brian Poleyn in Detroit who wrote the definitive tome Charcuterie, along with innovative chefs in Austin and Denver. 

This will be a recurring theme throughout this blog; opening up the world of food to those that haven't had the exposure or even the inclination. I want to make different foods more accessible and part of our conversation. Let's start with charcuterie.

So, what charcuterie have you tried and enjoyed? Have you tried to make any? Serrano, prosciutto, guanciale, Iberico, etc. I know a guy who tried to cure chorizo in his broom closet.

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